When the trust on your doctors collapse.

10 days had gone by from the birth of my child and everything seemed to be falling into place. I was no longer afraid of the lack of eperience with my baby. I was learning to take care of him, and I was feeling so much better, although my anxiety was still there. Ethan didn’t want to eat too much which was very rare because he loved eating a lot. It seemed like everything that I was giving him was making him throw up, but that is normal for baby… I assume. Ethan went almost a whole day without eating on his 10th day of life.

“I will go ahead and take him to his pediatrician tomorrow and see what she can recommend for him.”

Next day I went his pediatrician and she made him try a different formula, something more sensitive for his little tummy. I went home and he was still not eating.

“What it’s going on?”

He suddently starts crying non stop. I tried to make him comfortable but he didn’t stop crying. I picked him up and sang to him. I did everything I could with no sucess. Several of my friends told me on the phone that it was normal, but there was that 1 friend who heard him crying desperately and she told me to take him to the emergency room just in case. I was waiting for my husband to get off work so that we could go together to emergency. I massaged his belly, and moved his legs up and that seemed to calm him down a little bit.

“Well maybe hes just constipated, I will go ahead and give him some food just to make sure he is not hungry.”

He finally seemed to be drinking OK which was good, but 5 minutes went by and suddenly he projectile vomits everything. This was starting to worry me a lot. My husband finally came in at 9:00 p.m. We decided to go to Emergency. Ethan kept crying and crying. We waited for the doctor to come in and when he finally got there he checked on Ethan and he said everything looked good. The only thing that was concerning to him was that Ethan seemed to have scratched his eyes. He gave us a prescription for a few drops and told us that he should be OK with that. We went ahead and got the prescription at a 24 hour pharmacy. We tried giving him the drops a couple times, but it did not seem to help. Finally we decided to go back to emergency at 3:00 a.m. and we saw another doctor. This doctor seemed to go by the previous report and discharged us very quickly.

“Just wait 24 hours for the drops to work.” She said.

As I am writing this, I feel so much anger. Next day, my mom took care of Ethan in the morning while I slept. He was still crying nonstop. I woke up at 2:00 p.m. on his 12 day of life and my mom told me that this was not normal and that he was doing something very strange with his eyes. I picked Ethan up and he cried and cried and cried, and suddenly stopped while his eyes went up the right direction. They seemed to be twitching!

“What is this!???” I told my mom.

This could be something brain related. I called his pediatrician for an emergency appointment and she was willing to see him right away. Once we got to there she saw Ethan twitching his eyes, bubbles in his mouth, and by then, turning grey. I remember her saying,

“I really think he is not well. He is not looking the same as yesterday. I really think I have to call the rescue, there is something that is not right about him right now.”

“The rescue? Are you serious? are we this far?”


  1. Wow. That is so scary! Keep telling your story and advocating for that little boy of yours. I love that you followed your gut and kept going back. I’m anxious to read the rest of your story.

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