Ethan’s stopped breathing.

I could not believe what I was seeing and I couldn’t believe that his pediatrician was talking about rescue. He was so healthy a couple days ago! I just knew that Ethan was not behaving the way he used to a couple days ago. He was such a happy baby all the time and suddenly he starts twitching and turning gray which was very scary. The rescue team gets to the pediatric office and they picked Ethan up. They allowed me to go in the ambulance holding Ethan on my lap. The rescue team had him hooked into oxygen when suddenly I see one of the members say,

“OK let’s go”

This is when the ambulance started running very fast with the siren. I was just thinking to myself,

“What is going on with my baby?”

We finally made it to the hospital where I had Ethan, but unfortunately they didn’t have a pediatric section. They still took care of him. While Ethan was on my lap he was still crying nonstop and suddently he started twitching again. I remember to this day his nurse looking very deep into him and suddenly said,

“The baby is having a seizure!”

“A seizure??”

Ethan suddenly stops breathing, and his nurse starts shaking him in saying,

“Wake up wake up.”

When Ethan stop breathing his eyes were open and he was looking at me but he was not mobile and he looked like he was staring into space. At least 10 doctors jumped on him. I will never forget that moment I started crying and a pregnant nurse touched my back for comfort and says,

“Do you want to talk to somebody? Do you need to call somebody?”

and I said,

“Yes, I need to call my mother.”

They let me out of the room and my mother, mother in law, and my husband were there. Later a family pastor Dany and his wife came in. I also remember a chaplin coming to us and all I thought was

“This is very serious.”

We did a couple prayers for Ethan. The doctor said they had to do a ct scan to rule out any meningitis infection. When the doctors came back with Ethan we were given the sad news that Ethan had a bi lateral massive brain bleed. In other words our baby had a stroke at birth. Ethan was then tansferred to a children hospital. We got to the hospital on a Critical Care ambulance and when we got there even the regular ambulance had to get out of the way. When he was connected to all the machines in the hospital, I remember I kept asking different things to nurses and nobody could give me an answer. Nobody knew what this would mean for Ethan in the future. Doctors gave Ethan a seizure medication that did not control his seizures, he was having up to 10 seizures in one hour including a 30 minute one that went Status epilepticus. I was dying not being able to do anything. Another seizure medication was given to Ethan call Keppra. They finally got his seizures under control. He was receiving antibiotics just in case his stroke was caused by an infection during pregnancy. Doctors were doing head measurements every couple of hours just to make sure that the bleed did not getting bigger. They were also touching his soft spot to make sure that there was not pressure of the bleed that could potentially create or cause brain damage. Doctors preferred to wait than to drain the blood which required inserting a tube in Ethan’s skull because this was a very risky surgery. About 2 days went by and while doctors were doing rounds I heard them say that Ethan’s head Increased .6 which they thought was not a big deal, but I knew it was. I spoke to the doctors and told them,

“This is a big increase!”

They kept fighting me that it was not. I had to keep fighting the doctors so that neurology could come and look at Ethan. When neuro came, they touched his soft spot and measured his head again. Neuro then suspected that Ethan was having pressure. They went and took him to get an MRI. He got his 1st MRI and we were just waiting for the results.

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