New Addition, New Adventure

When I found out I was going to be a father I was over the moon. This was something I’ve always wanted and here it was. For 9 months I waited for you. I even remember rushing to the hospital from work to be with my wife. From there it was the waiting game in anticipation. September 13th, just three days before my own birthday! I even remember pre typing a mass text to send to friends and family of mine as well as my wife’s. I was so anxious about our sons arrival I even forgot to include my own mother in the group text! Oh well, at least I made up for that by sending her a picture of him before anyone other than my wife, myself, and my mother in law got to see him. After a few hours of labor, Ethan was here! Not going to lie, the feeling was pretty surreal. The time was here. was our tiny human really here? Was he really in my wife for 9 months? Did we really create this tiny little human? Here it was. My very own journey of fatherhood was just unfolding – Justin

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