The beginning of a new journey!

The beginning of a new journey is something wonderful, something interesting to look up to. I really was looking forward to meeting my son. After 9 long months of a healthy pregnancy finally comes the day where I get to meet my son. September 13, 2018 it was a very hard delivery. Hours and hours went by and I was in labor for so long when the doctor finally decided that the best option was to do an assisted delivery by utilizing a vacumm. Doctors know what they’re doing at the end of the day or at least that is what I thought. Finally I get to meet Ethan, he was such a beautiful tiny baby 6 LB 9 oz baby. The 1st thing he did once he was born was look at me into my eyes. My heart was racing when I saw my husband holding him for the 1st time. I fell in love with my son for the 1st time, the 1st day that I met him, the 1st hour and the 1st minute. So many visitors kept coming to my room bringing Ethan different toys diapers and many useful things for him. I will never forget how special we felt that day when he was born. We stayed at the hospital for 2 days. Doctors and nurses did all the tests that they needed to do on Ethan and finally let us go home. This was the beginning of a journey of becoming a first time parents.


  1. He’s a fine little boy and he has 2 fine parents that will make him succeed. I see the hard but loving work you have done with him so far and I am very proud of you both.♡

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